Helping You Succeed in Organic Chemistry This Semester
Helping You Succeed in Organic Chemistry This Semester

Helping You Succeed in Organic Chemistry This Semester

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Guided Video Lessons

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New Videos Uploaded Weekly

We're excited to announce that Melissa Maribel is creating an Organic Chemistry 1 course this semester. Each week we'll be uploading new videos to help you all semester long.

Please note this course is a work in progress, which means it may not have every lesson ready for you to watch by the time you need it. Check the Uploaded and Upcoming Videos section to see what's currently available.

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Uploaded and Upcoming Videos

Every week we'll have new content ready to help you succeed this semester.

General Chemistry Review
Full, Condensed Structural, and Skeletal Formulas
Resonance and Arrow Pushing
Intermolecular Forces
Functional Groups
Acids and Bases
Mechanisms Intro: Drawing Curved Arrows
Practice Exam: Structure, Bonding and Properties of Organic Molecules
Newman Projections
Constitutional (Structural) Isomers
Chirality and an Introduction to Isomers
Cyclohexane Chair Conformations
R and S Configurations
SN2 Reactions
Fischer Projections
Types of Isomers
IR Spectroscopy
Free Radical Halogenation: Mechanism, Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Hydrohalogenation: Markovinikov and Anti-Markovinikov
Hydration of Alkenes and Addition of Alcohols
Catalytic Hydrogenation, Halogenation and Halohydrin Formation
Epoxidation, Anti-Dihydroxylation and Syn-Dihydroxylation
Free Radical Allylic Bromination (NBS)
SN1 Reactions
Optical Activity
E1 Reactions
E2 Reactions
Acidity and Synthesis of Alkynes
Reduction, Hydrohalogenation and Halogenation of Alkynes
H NMR Spectroscopy
Hydration and Hydroboration-Oxidation Alkynes
Ozonolysis of Alkynes and Alkylation of Acetylide Ions
H NMR Complex Splitting
Aromaticity: Aromatic, Antiaromatic and Nonaromatic
Retrosynthesis and Synthesis of Alkynes


Get access to the videos as they get uploaded, along with access to post your questions in the Study Group (for monthly members only), and download the practice exams to try out for yourself.

Meet Your Instructor

Melissa Maribel has her Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and has used her academic and tutoring experience to help students succeed in Chemistry.

Her Chemistry tutorials have reached millions all over the world and this semester she'll be creating a one of a kind course on Organic Chemistry 1 so you too can succeed this school year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course complete?

We didn't want you to wait until after your semester was over to launch the OChem 1 Course, so we chose to upload the videos as they were being made.

Please note this course is a work in progress, which means it may not have every lesson ready for you to watch by the time you need it.

Will the videos and practice exams be available outside of CHEMMUNITY?

From time to time we may upload short previews on social media but for the complete lesson and practice exams, we recommend you purchase a subscription to CHEMMUNITY.

Will CHEMMUNITY offer live Q&A's in addition to the videos and the Study Group?

We may hold a few live Q&A's this semester for subscribers but no dates have been set.

Does CHEMMUNITY offer online tutoring?

At the moment we do not offer tutoring, but it's something we're considering for future semesters.

Will you answer every question in the CHEMMUNITY Study Group?

We'll answer as many questions as we can in the Study Group, but encourage everyone to attempt to work through some of the questions for extra practice.

Do you only offer Organic Chemistry?

We're focusing on creating as much content as we can on OChem this year and early next. But we are planning to have other Chemistry courses in the future.

Do you offer refunds?

We are unable to offer refunds due to this being a digital product. But please email us at if you're not sure if this course is for you before purchasing and attach your class syllabus.

What if I drop or withdraw from the class?

If you decide to drop or withdraw from the class, please cancel your subscription as soon as possible so you do not get charged another month.

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